Paul Karukapallil
Paul Karukapallil is a well-known civic activist, religious leader, and philanthropist in the USA, especially in the state of New York. Being a veteran leader of the Federation Kerala Associations in North America (FOKANA) Inc., an umbrella organization of numerous Kerala associations in the USA Paul Karukapallil was appointed two times as its President. Currently, he is serving as FOKANA International Convention Coordinator.
Chairman: FOKANA (2006-2010)
FAM Club (Film Arts > Media Club of North America)
President: Indian Overseas Congress (New York)
Board member: New City Library (2009 – 2015)
Treasurer: Indian American Malayalee Chamber of Commerce (2011-2013)
Managing Committee Member: NE American Diocese of Indian Orthodox Churches(2007 – 2012)
Managing Director: Kerala Times
Advisory Board Member: Parumala Cancer Center
Board of Directors: Orthodox TV
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